Go to space

See erupting lava

Start a fire with stones ✔ 

Visit all 50 United States (Currently at 36)

Stand atop the tallest building in the world

Make the News ✔

Dive in a cenote ✔

Smoke a cigar in Cuba

Learn how to pick a lock

Leave a 100% Tip ✔


Buy a house for my parents

Drive the Autobahn

Stay in the treehouses of Seattle

Fly first class

Photograph an out of state wedding ✔

Take my Dad to the super bowl

Jump off a large waterfall

Stomp grapes at a winery

Learn how to blow glass

Learn Spanish

Learn Russian

See the Aurora Borealis

Walk through Central Park ✔

Haggle for useless trinkets

Photograph NYFW

Have cereal milk ice cream at MILK in NYC ✔

Jump out of a plane

Photograph a wedding on the moon

Ride in a helicopter ✔

Photograph a wedding in Hawai’i

Set foot on all 7 continents

Dunk ✔

Be my own boss ✔

Get published in a national magazine

Visit the Sistine Chapel

Walk through a red wood

Donate an organ to save a life

Photograph a wedding in another country ✔

Meet another John Mansfield

Watch a meteor shower ✔

Patent something

Be a guest on Ellen

Free dive in Jellyfish Lake

Kayak the Grand Canyon

Live abroad

Fly a stunt plane

Float in the Dead Sea

Eat a Beignet at Café Du Monde ✔

Dive the crystal clear water of Silfra

Catch a fish a cook it within hours ✔

Do a polar plunge

Swim in all 5 oceans (Currently 2)

Walk on a bed of coals

Climb Mt. Sinai

Climb the heavenly stairs

Host a charity event ✔

Fire a bazooka


Give $100k to charity

Tour the White House

Meet the President

Dive in complete darkness

Eat at a Michelin 3 star restaurant

Fly a hot air balloon

Impulsively give something of value away to someone in need ✔

Be in a movie

Hang out with Chris Pratt

Watch a movie at a drive-in theater

Open a drive-in theater

Break a Guinness World Record

Crash a wedding

Shoot for National Geographic

Go to Hogwarts

Share a meal with a homeless person ✔

Take my wife to Ireland

Make $100k+ a year

Spend the night in a castle

Host a full photography workshop ✔

Dinner for two at a restaurant from Chef’s Table

Fully fund someone’s adoption

Sail across the ocean

Kiss in the pouring rain ✔

Learn Sign Language

Kill it at Karaoke ✔

Volunteer in another country ✔

Explore a ghost town

Visit Chernobyl

Go whitewater rafting

Take the family to Disneyland

Spend a day at Stonehenge

Fire a sniper rifle

Gamble in Vegas

Learn to use chopsticks ✔

Learn to play Chopsticks ✔

Adopt a child

Submarine the Marianas Trench

Go to the top of the Empire State Building ✔

Camp Yellowstone

Learn to fly a plane

If any of these match your bucket list, we should do them together!
I'll take the photos =]

MY bucket list

"He really captured the joy and love of our wedding. I couldn't recommend All Heart Photography more. ”

Roxanne + Kevin 04.07.2019

"when you hire John and his staff you are getting wonderful people who take your day seriously and are determined to capture everything you want and more.”

Tiffany + Jerrott 02.23.2019

“Easy going on the wedding day which took a lot of stress off me.”

Kaylee + Corey 08.15.2016

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