I am so glad you are interested in designing a Wedding Album! It is the perfect way to remember your beautiful day. With this album, your children & grandchildren will be able to look back through your wedding day and feel all the emotions as if they were there, and of course laughing about how weird everyone dressed back then.

These heirloom albums feature your photos mounted flush to thick pages offering a solid feel & a high-end look. Panoramic spreads ensure that we can take advantage of the entire spread across the binding. 

The albums that come standard in our wedding packages include 20 pages which holds 35-40 photos comfortably. In your online photo gallery, you can select which photos you'd like to include. On average couples will upgrade their albums to include a 75-200 photos. usually an upgrade between $250-700.

 Narrowing down the photos you wish to include can be difficult. I can help you out by pre-designing your album. And you'd get to make any changes before it gets printed.

Relive your wedding day anytime

Your Wedding Album

1. Select Photos you'd like to include from your online photo gallery
2. Let me know that collection is ready and fill out the order form below
with your customizations (it's a word, don't worry)
3. I'll design it and send over an online proof
4. You OK the proof
5. Pay the invoice for the album
6. Album is off to the printers!
7. Happy Dances

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How to Order

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Light Blue

Rose Gold

Embossed Lettings - Included
Custom Debossing
Small - $50
Medium - $70
Large - $90

All Included in Price


All album prices are for 20 pages which displays roughly 35-40 photos comfortably.
On average my couples upgrade to include 75-200 photos to better tell their entire wedding story.
Upgrading will only be the difference in price between the album that you purchased with your collection and the album size you would like to upgrade to.

Album Pricing

Linen Cover

Display Box

Parent Albums

Leather Cover

12x12" | $725
10x10" | $600
8x8" | $525

Extra Photos - $10/ea
8x8" Engagement Photo Guest Book - $ 525

12x12" | $775
10x10" | $650
8x8" | $550

12x12" | $250
10x10" | $210

A duplicate* of your album can be purchased at a 20% discount, making it the perfect gift for your parents or grandparents! To qualify, the layout & all photo & cover choices must remain the same.

You can chose a different size than your album for parent albums (i.e. Your Album 10x10", parent album 8x8"). It must also be ordered at the same time as your first album. Parent Albums must be ordered at the same time as your order.

*A few family photos can be changed to fit the side of family the album is for, but the overall layout will remain the same.

Depending on the album size, number of photos, & page layouts, the number of pages each album can contain will vary significantly. I recommend thinking of each page or spread as a different part of the day (i.e. ladies getting ready, ceremony, cake cutting, first dance.) On average, I like to use 2–4 photos a spread (two pages), making sure to keep a good balance of large & small photos.

Since narrowing down photos is one of the hardest things to do, I can pre-design your album with the photos I believe would tell your wedding story well. The Pre-design & additional proofs are emailed to you in an online proofing album for your approval.

You are encouraged to review each proof & make a list of desired changes (switch out photos, rearrange layouts, etc.).

Please email me with any desired changes & they will be taken into consideration. I will then begin work on the next proof design. This process will continue until you are satisfied with all photos & page layouts. Album prices include 2 free proofs after the initial design, a total of 3 proofs. Additional edits are $100 each. But don't worry, we can usually get everything ironed out in those first 3.

If we are still in the design process of your album, you can add a Parent Album at any time. However, Parent Albums must be added WHILE your main album is being designed (before print). They must be submitted at the same time.

The photo & cover choices & the layout for your Parent Album cannot be changed from your main album choices. They must be identical to qualify.The only photos that can be changed for parent albums are the family photos. Since your dad probably doesn't want an album with your spouse's grandparents. Or maybe he does. 

Photographs are printed on Fine Art luster paper. Pretty much your album will outlive you and definitely end up in a museum of love someday. (Don't hold me to that museum part)

Pages are truly flush mount with prints extending across the two-page spread (no space at the spine.)

Printing is true accurate color, realistic saturation, excellent natural flesh tone reproduction, & looks super fly.

Pages are thick and rigid for a solid page turn. Compared to the standard album pages of a other printers which is similar to a thick magazine. 

Once the design process has begun & you have received your initial proof/pre-design but nothing has been submitted to print, half of your album cost can be refunded. Once the design has been submitted for print, the order is complete & cannot be cancelled.

Once the album is approved, production + inspection + shipping time is 10-15 business days. Each album is shipped to me first for inspection, then mailed to you. Shipping is already included in the cost. 

If your album was damaged during shipping, notify me immediately. Take photos of the shipping box and the damaged products. I will deal with the courier so they can replace your product. 



Design Proofs

Parent Albums

Paper and Printing

Order Cancelling

Turn Around and Delivery

Place Your Oder

We will contact you to confirm everything before beginning to work on your lovely album.