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Bucket List

All Heart Photography Bucket List

All Heart Photography Bucket List

Photo: Rachel Driskell Photography

Go to space

See erupting lava

Start a fire with stones

Visit all 50 United States (Currently at 36)

Stand atop the tallest building in the world

Make the News

Dive in a cenote

Smoke a cigar in Cuba

Learn how to pick a lock

Leave a 100% Tip


Buy a house for my parents

Drive the Autobahn

Stay in the treehouses of Seattle

Fly first class

Book an out of state wedding

Take my Dad to the super bowl

Jump off a large waterfall

Stomp grapes at a winery

Learn how to blow glass

Learn Spanish

Learn Russian

See the Aurora Borealis

Walk through Central Park

Haggle for useless trinkets

Photograph NYFW

Have cereal milk ice cream at MILK in NYC

Jump out of a plane

Photograph a wedding on the moon

Ride in a helicopter

Photograph a wedding in Hawai’i

Set foot on all 7 continents


Be my own boss

Get published in a national magazine

Visit the Sistine Chapel

Walk through a red wood

Donate an organ to save a life

Meet another John Mansfield

Watch a meteor shower

Patent something

Be a guest on Ellen

Free dive in Jellyfish Lake

Kayak the Grand Canyon

Live abroad

Fly a stunt plane

Float in the Dead Sea

Eat a Beignet at Café Du Monde

Dive the crystal clear water of Silfra

Catch a fish a cook it within hours

Do a polar plunge

Swim in all 5 oceans (Currently 2)

Walk on a bed of coals

Climb Mt. Sinai

Climb the heavenly stairs

Host a charity event

Fire a bazooka


Give $100k to charity

Tour the White House

Meet the President

Dive in complete darkness

Eat at a Michelin 3 star restaurant

Fly a hot air balloon

Impulsively give something of value away to someone in need

Be in a movie

Hang out with Chris Pratt

Watch a movie at a drive-in theater

Open a drive-in theater

Break a Guinness World Record

Crash a wedding

Shoot for National Geographic

Go to Hogwarts

Share a meal with a homeless person

Take my wife to Ireland

Make $100k+ a year

Spend the night in a castle

Host a full photography workshop

Dinner for two at a restaurant from Chef’s Table

Fully fund someone’s adoption

Sail across the ocean

Kiss in the pouring rain

Learn Sign Language

Kill it at Karaoke

Volunteer in another country

Explore a ghost town

Visit Chernobyl

Go whitewater rafting

Take the family to Disneyland

Spend a day at Stonehenge

Fire a sniper rifle

Gamble in Vegas

Learn to use chopsticks

Learn to play Chopsticks

Adopt a child

Submarine the Marianas Trench

Go to the top of the Empire State Building

Camp Yellowstone

Learn to fly a plane