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Elisabeth + Micah -//- Brodie Homestead Wedding

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Micah and I met at a bachelor party for our good friend Josh a year and a half ago. Being groomsmen in his wedding we became fast friends. Elisabeth is just as awesome as he is and makes a great couple. So much fun and energy and goofiness and all around great company. I very much enjoyed myself at their wedding from the awesome barn venue in the middle of town, to an Up themed reception (yes, the movie), to a first look with their dogs, to a choreographed first dance, to tree climbing, to fending off a velociraptor. It was an amazing wedding for an amazing couple.


Venue: Brodie Homestead

Coordinator: Christine Sas – Calliope Weddings

Catering: Pok-e-Jo’s BBQ

Videographer: Stringer Productions

Flowers + Cake: Central Market

Dress: Signature Bridal

Hair + Makeup: Grace Ann Bergstrom

Shoes: Carie Lawson

Rings: Americus Diamond (Diamonds from Mother of Bride and Grandmother of Groom)

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