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Daphnie + Keith -//- St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Daphnie + Keith St. Mary

You may remember this couple from a few weeks ago. They were our models for the Photography Workshop in May. Daphnie and Keith have been added to the ever-growing list of fantastic couples. I know I say it all the time about my couples but Daphnie and Keith had me laughing the entire day (and again during the editing process), but really I have been blessed with some wonderful couples over the years. These two had their ceremony at the gorgeous St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Taylor, TX with reception following at SSCM Hall just down the road in Granger, TX. This wedding had a very energetic wedding party (which I love), blue orchids (also love), shotgunning beer, hunting themed grooms cake, big open dance floor and people to fill it!

Ceremony -//- St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Taylor, TX

Reception -//- SSCM Hall in Granger, TX

Catering -//- CJ’s Event Catering


Daphnie + Keith St. Marydaphnie-keith_002 (853x1280)

daphnie-keith_003 (853x1280)

daphnie-keith_004 (853x1280)daphnie-keith_005 (1280x853)daphnie-keith_006 (853x1280)

daphnie-keith_007 (853x1280)

daphnie-keith_008 (853x1280)daphnie-keith_009 (1280x853)daphnie-keith_010 (1280x853)daphnie-keith_011 (853x1280)

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daphnie-keith_017 (853x1280)daphnie-keith_018 (1280x853)daphnie-keith_019 (853x1280)daphnie-keith_020 (1280x853)daphnie-keith_021 (853x1280)

daphnie-keith_022 (853x1280)

daphnie-keith_023 (853x1280)daphnie-keith_024 (1280x853)daphnie-keith_025 (1280x853)daphnie-keith_027 (1280x853)daphnie-keith_028 (853x1280)

daphnie-keith_029 (853x1280)

daphnie-keith_030 (853x1280)

daphnie-keith_031 (853x1280)daphnie-keith_032 (1280x853)daphnie-keith_033 (1280x853)daphnie-keith_034 (1280x853)daphnie-keith_035 (1280x853)daphnie-keith_036 (853x1280)

daphnie-keith_037 (853x1280)daphnie-keith_038 (1280x853)daphnie-keith_039 (1280x853)daphnie-keith_040 (853x1280)

daphnie-keith_041 (853x1280)

daphnie-keith_042 (853x1280)

daphnie-keith_043 (1280x853)daphnie-keith_044 (853x1280)daphnie-keith_045 (1280x853)daphnie-keith_046 (1280x853)daphnie-keith_047 (1280x853)daphnie-keith_048 (853x1280)daphnie-keith_049 (1280x853)daphnie-keith_050 (853x1280)

daphnie-keith_051 (853x1280)daphnie-keith_052 (1280x853)daphnie-keith_053 (1280x853)daphnie-keith_054 (1280x853)