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Taylor High -//- Prom 2015

TaylorProm2015_110 (1280x1014)

Taylor High School had their 2015 prom at The Taylor Mansion and it was a hit. I was in my corner with all the photo booth props enjoying my time. (and maybe eating some cupcakes) Here are a few of the photos from the night. You can find all of these and the rest HERE (or copy     into your URL bar).

Feel free to download the images and use them however you would like. If you happen to post them to social media I would be super grateful if you give some photo cred back to my page. Thanks.

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TaylorProm2015_026 (851x1280)TaylorProm2015_029 (851x1280)TaylorProm2015_041 (1280x851)TaylorProm2015_050 (851x1280)TaylorProm2015_062 (1280x851)TaylorProm2015_068 (851x1280)TaylorProm2015_077 (851x1280)TaylorProm2015_086 (964x1280)TaylorProm2015_089 (1280x1113)TaylorProm2015_101 (1197x1280)TaylorProm2015_108 (851x1280)TaylorProm2015_117 (851x1280)TaylorProm2015_128 (1280x1064)

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