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Rebecca + Luther -//- Taylor Mansion Wedding


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Rebecca and Luther are two of the most fantastic people I’ve met. I met them through my brother who works with Luther at Collings Guitars building guitars. Pretty cool, yeah. Through this wedding process Rebecca and Luther have become friends of mine as well. They are awesome and so was their wedding! As you probably know, central Texas had a downpour of non-stop rain in the month of May which caused a lot of flooding in the area. The forecast for the wedding day was a 60% chance of rain. As we neared the ceremony time the clouds were growing dark and larger, but they soon turned off to the West and we celebrated! Out in Taylor at The Taylor Mansion and Crystal Ballroom they were surrounded by family and friends (and not a drop of rain) as they promised their lives to each other. They even had a choreographed first dance which was so fun and cute! The entire night was great and I’m so glad I was able to celebrate the marriage of this two!

Venue: The Taylor Mansion and Crystal Ballroom

Floral: The Taylor Mansion and Crystal Ballroom

Cake: Sweetpea’s Bakery

Makeup: Rebecca, herself!

Catering: The Taylor Mansion and Crystal Ballroom

Bartending: Wolf Bartening 512.633.1399


RebeccaLuther_sp001 (853x1280)RebeccaLuther_sp002 (1280x853)RebeccaLuther_sp003 (1280x853)RebeccaLuther_sp004 (853x1280)RebeccaLuther_sp005 (1280x853)RebeccaLuther_sp006 (853x1280)

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RebeccaLuther_sp011 (853x1280)RebeccaLuther_sp012 (853x1280)RebeccaLuther_sp013 (1280x853)RebeccaLuther_sp014 (1280x853)RebeccaLuther_sp015 (853x1280)

RebeccaLuther_sp016 (853x1280)RebeccaLuther_sp017 (1280x853)RebeccaLuther_sp018 (1280x853)RebeccaLuther_sp019 (853x1280)RebeccaLuther_sp020 (1280x853)RebeccaLuther_sp022 (853x1280)

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RebeccaLuther_sp025 (853x1280)RebeccaLuther_sp026 (1280x853)RebeccaLuther_sp027 (1280x853)RebeccaLuther_sp029 (1280x853)RebeccaLuther_sp030 (853x1280)RebeccaLuther_sp031 (1280x853)RebeccaLuther_sp032 (1280x853)RebeccaLuther_sp033 (1280x853)RebeccaLuther_sp034 (1280x853)RebeccaLuther_sp035 (1280x853)RebeccaLuther_sp036 (852x1280)RebeccaLuther_sp037 (1280x853)RebeccaLuther_sp038 (853x1280)

RebeccaLuther_sp039 (853x1280)RebeccaLuther_sp040 (1280x853)RebeccaLuther_sp041 (1280x853)RebeccaLuther_sp042 (1280x853)RebeccaLuther_sp043 (1280x853)RebeccaLuther_sp044 (1280x853)RebeccaLuther_sp045 (853x1280)

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