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Faerber Family -//- Old Settler’s Park Portraits

041915_011 (1280x853)

Taylor first contacted me when she found out about me from an awesome group of women in the Austin area, Ladies With Babies. If you are a lady with a baby or about to be with a baby, you should definitely check out their facebook page. I met with the Faerbers at Old Settler’s Park. One of the parks I used to play at when I was a kid and lived in the Round Rock area. Even though most of the blue bonnets had faded and gone into hibernation until next Spring, we were able to find a small patch in a field and took advantage of that. They are a super sweet family with a darling 11 month old!


041915_001 (1280x853)041915_002 (853x1280)041915_003 (1280x853)041915_004 (1280x853)041915_005 (1280x853)041915_006 (853x1280)041915_007 (853x1280)041915_008 (1280x853)041915_009 (853x1280)041915_010 (853x1280)041915_012 (853x1280)041915_013 (853x1280)041915_014 (853x1280)041915_015 (1280x853)041915_016 (853x1280)041915_017 (1280x853)041915_018 (1280x853)041915_019 (853x1280)041915_020 (853x1280)041915_021 (1280x853)041915_022 (853x1280)041915_023 (1280x853)041915_025 (1280x853)

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