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Devony + Ryan -//- Mount Bonnell Engagements

Devony-Ryan_sp07 (1280x853)

Devony and Ryan have been dating since the 8th grade, y’all! These pre-HighSchool sweethearts are so awesome. I met Devony through a small group at church. We all met up atop Mt. Bonnell for some fun and engagement photos. These two are so incredibly fun. We had a blast up there for a gorgeous sunset. Congrats you guys!

Devony-Ryan_sp01 (1280x853)Devony-Ryan_sp02 (1280x853)Devony-Ryan_sp03 (1280x853)Devony-Ryan_sp04 (1280x853)Devony-Ryan_sp05 (853x1280)Devony-Ryan_sp06 (1280x853)Devony-Ryan_sp08 (853x1280)Devony-Ryan_sp09 (1280x853)Devony-Ryan_sp10 (1280x853)Devony-Ryan_sp11 (1280x853)Devony-Ryan_sp12 (853x1280)Devony-Ryan_sp13 (1280x853)Devony-Ryan_sp14 (1280x853)Devony-Ryan_sp15 (1280x853)Devony-Ryan_sp16 (1280x853)Devony-Ryan_sp16-2 (853x1280)Devony-Ryan_sp17 (1280x853)Devony-Ryan_sp18 (853x1280)Devony-Ryan_sp19 (853x1280)Devony-Ryan_sp20 (1280x853)