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Rachel + Walker -//- Villa Antonia Wedding

rachel0316walker_015 (1024x681)

I first met Rachel when we were both in high school. She and I were in the same homeschool co-op. Which if you don’t know that is, it is where home schooled kids come together once a week to be taught all together. I know, doesn’t really sound like “home” schooling, but that’s where we met. We later came across each other a few times in the Art and Music wing of college campus since we also attended the same college. I was very excited when Rachel reconnected with me last year to tell me she was getting married and that she wanted me to photograph her big day for her! She and Walker are a fantastic couple, full of laughter and very sweet together. Their wedding was held at the gorgeous Villa Antonia at Lake Travis. I loved all the terraces overlooking the hills. Beautiful! Congratulations Rachel and Walker!

rachel0316walker_001 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_002 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_003 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_004 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_005 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_006 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_007 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_008 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_009 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_010 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_011 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_012 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_013 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_014 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_015 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_016 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_017 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_018 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_019 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_020 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_021 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_022 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_023 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_024 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_025 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_026 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_027 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_028 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_029 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_030 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_031 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_032 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_033 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_034 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_035 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_036 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_037 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_038 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_039 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_040 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_041 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_042 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_043 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_044 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_045 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_046 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_046 tmbrachel0316walker_047 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_048 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_049 (681x1024)rachel0316walker_050 (1024x681)rachel0316walker_051 (681x1024)

  • Amber Seelke - The pictures are beautiful. I love how you captured the feelings between Walker and Rachel. You can see just how much they love eachother.ReplyCancel

    • allheart - Thank you Amber. Capturing true emotion and love between people is my goal, so I’m very glad that others can see that in my images and not just me. Thanks for the encouraging words! I always love to heard from my viewers. Rachel and Walker had a beautiful wedding. I’m very happy and excited for their life together.


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